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Recent Week’s Winners

February 27, 2012: First—Adele Clark (in red) and Mary Caroline Rogers play against Marjorie Coughenour and Archie McRimmon
Jim Lockamy, Lil Owens, Millie Yongue, Gail Lockamy
Feb 27: Second—George Harris (near right) and Tim Rumph play aganst Charito Grady and Bonnie Purcell
January 2 Winners
Feb 27: Third—Jean Powell and Mac Doubles play against Jim Beales and Patsy Smith
Frances Frye kibitzes Jim Beales, Mac Doubles, Patsy Smith, and Jacque Doubles
February 20, 2012: First—George Harris and Tim Rumph (back row), (Front left to right) Charito Grady and Bonnie Purcell—Third, Norma Jones and Betty Hasty—Second
January 2 Buffet
Feb 20: Tim Rumph(far left) and George Harris playing against Gail and Jim Lockamy
January 2 Club Birthday Cake
Feb 20: Betty Hasty (near left) and Norma Jones playing against Marjorie Coughenour and Archie McRimmon
Jim and Gail Lockamy contest a late play with Betty Hasty and Lil Owens
Feb 20: Bonnie Purcell (near left) and Charito Grady playing against (near right) Mary Caroline Rogers and Ruth Adams
Charito Gradu and Mary Caroline Rogers
February 13, 2012: Club Championship Leaders—Betty Hasty and Lil Owens (second), Jacque and Mac Doubles (first), and (third place and not pictured) Charito Grady and Bonie Purcell
Charito Grady, Bonnie Purcell, Gail and Jim Lockamy,  Betty Hasty, and Lil Owens
February 6, 2012: Tied for First—Mary Caroline Rogers, Bonnie Purcell, Ruth Adams, and Charito Grady
(Standing) Betty Hasty and Lil Owens, Adele Clark, Marjorie Coughenour and Archie McRimmon, and (seated) Mary Caroline Rogers
February 6, 2012: At table 1: (Clockwise from Left) Gail Lockamy (third place), Sybil Wright, Jim Lockamy, and Archie McRimmon
Adele Clark (standing) and Mary Caroline Rogers (seated)
February 6, 2012: Grady-Purcell won this head-to-head match against co-winners Adams-Rogers by 4 IMPs
Jan 30, 2012: First—Center Left and Right, Lil Owens and Millie Yongue; Second—Jim Lockamy (far left) and Gail Lockamy (far right)
Jan 2, 2012: First—Front left, Bonnie Purcell and Charito Grady; Second—Back left, Tim Rumph and George Harris; Third—Right front and back, Jacque and Mac Doubles
Jan 2: Frances Frye (center in red) kibitzes (clockwise from left) Jim Beales, Mac Doubles, Patsy Smith, and Jacque Doubles
Jan 2: First anniversary buffet
Jan 2: Birthday cake for Bridge at the Village
Dec 26, 2011: Jim and Gail Lockamy (front left and back right)—first place—contest a late play with second place Betty Hasty (back left) and Lil Owens (front right)