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Score Adjustment

Score Adjustment Appeal Instructions

To request a scoring adjustment, please, include the following information:

  • The board number(s) with apparent mistakes
  • The North–South pair number for each board
  • The East–West pair number for each board
  • A copy of your personal score
  • A copy of the other pair’s personal score

If some information is unavailable, you may still appeal for a score adjustment. However, more and better information with an appeal increases the likelihood of a scoring adjustment. Appeals for adjustments in favor of one’s opponents may receive a warmer welcome than those that diminish opponents’ prospects.

Note: If it is later than noon on the Friday after you played the game, it may be too late for a scoring adjustment. The director destroys travelers and pickup slips each Friday afternoon. The time stamp on your e-mail message will serve as the appeal submission date and time.

To submit personal scores by e-mail, scan them and attach the scanned image files to your e-mailed appeal message.


  • Use the e-mail form below to submit a notice that you wish to request a scoring adjustment.
  • The director will reply to your e-mail message with a copy of the instructions, below.
  • Reply to the director's e-mail message
  • Attach a copy of your personal score
  • Attach a copy of an opponent’s personal score
  • Specify the board number(s) where a scoring adjustment is appropriate.
  • Specify which pair sat North–South
  • Specify which pair sat East–West
  • Send the reply message

The director will take the following actions:

  • Compare the two personal scores for matching scores
  • Compare the scores on the pick-up slip or traveler with the personal scores
  • Compare the scores from the three source documents with the score in the official records
  • Adjust the official records to effect any appropriate correction