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Mid-Chart Conventions Use Conditions

Bridge at the Village may sometimes allow some Mid-Chart conventions. Partnerships using such methods must comply with the following conditions: 

  • Partnerships using a Mid-Chart convention will be stratified one stratum higher than indicated by their ACBL masterpoint holdings.
  • Both partners must have identical, complete convention cards.
  • The partnership must rigorously comply with the Alert Procedure.
  • The partnership must prealert the fact that they use a Mid-Chart convention.
  • The partnership must explain the Mid-Chart method before play if the opponents ask for an explanation.
  • The convention must be one against which new players might reasonably defend effectively.
  • The partnership must secure the director's permission before using the convention.
  • If an irregularity occurs on a hand involving a Midchart convention, the director will pay special attention to arguments that the convention conferred an improper advantage on the partnership using the convention.
  • One example of a Midchart convention the director will probably approve: The exchange of the meanings of the "Forcing 1NT Response" and the "One Spade Response" after a natural "One Heart" opening bid will probably be allowed.