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Club Leadership

Bridge at the Village—like any group activity—requires people whose efforts will lead to things which must happen actually happening. Our board members’ service helps our bridge club meet its obligations to club members, to the ACBL, and to Scotia Village residents.

Bridge at the Village Club Leadership
Name                                Title                     Responsibility                              Contact     Information  
Ms. Margie Coughenour    Board Member As needed *
Dr. Malcolm Doubles President  The buck stops here. 910/277–7512
e-mail    *
Ms. Charito Grady Board Member As needed *
Ms. Betty Hasty Board Member As needed *
Mr. James Lockamy Board Member As needed 23520 River Rd.
Wagram, NC, 28396
Mr. Archie McRimmon Treasurer  Manage club money. *
Ms. Lillian Owens Vice-President All the dirty jobs *
Ms. Betsy Stanton Club Director Direct bridge games 843/332–7587
Mr. Brian Potter
biography link
Club Manager
Club Director
Manage club–ACBL relationship
Direct bridge games


* Contact by mail care of Scotia Village, 2200 Elm Avenue, Laurinburg, NC, 28532
Club President Dr. Malcolm Doubles with wife Jacqueline Doubles
Seated: Mary Caroline Rogers Standing: Board member Betty Hasty, Vice President Lil Owens, Adele Clark, Board member Margie Coughenour, Treasurer Archie McRimmon
Board member Charito Grady (left) with Mary Caroline Rogers
Left to Right: Board member Charito Grady, Bonnie Purcell, Gail Lockamy, Board member Jim Lockamy, Board member Betty Hasty, Vice President Lil Owens