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Conditions of the Contest

Conditions of Contest

Generally, Bridge at the Village follows the ACBL General Conditions of Contest, and the ACBL General Convention Chart limits the allowed bidding and defensive play conventions. The club's intention is that we will have a non-playing director. Yet, the director will sometimes sit in when there are an odd number of players or when a player is temporarily drawn away from the table. Club circumstances and the club manager's personal opinions have resulted in the following amendments to the normal ACBL practice:

  • The director prepares computer generated pre-dealt hands. To minimize any appearance of conflict of interest, the director is always disqualified from any masterpoint award.
  • Some weeks, one hand is a nonrandom lesson deal. There will be a handout available for each lesson deal. Usually, a post mortem review will discuss the lesson deal. During play, the lesson deal is not distinguished from other hands.
  • Some ACBL Midchart bidding methods may be allowed subject to certain conditions.
  • Games will be stratified with one stratum reserved for players with no more than twenty (20) masterpoints. This may sometimes mean that a player with 20.01MP will find hemself "playing up" against stronger opponents than se had expected.